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Smile Design

A Smile Design is a process of improving the appearance of the smile through one or more aesthetic dentistry procedures, such as dental veneers, composite bonding, dental implants and teeth whitening.

A Smile Design takes into consideration the appearance of the face, skin tone, hair color, teeth (color, length, width, shape and display of teeth), gum tissue and lips to develop smile ideal. Smile Design have performed for many reasons and customized according to unique considerations.

What do you like or do not like your smile or your teeth? Some aspects of your smile that your cosmetic dentist will examine with you and that could be improved with a smile makeover incorporate the following:

Tooth color:

amalgam or Silver dental fillings can replace by natural tooth restorations, while teeth whitening can increase the color of stained or dull teeth. Teeth color and shading are important considerations when evaluating and preparing various procedures, including porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges, composite bonds and dental implants.

When analyzing the color of your teeth, keep it in mind that discolored or dark teeth can recommend an aged mouth. A well-formed smile comprised of white & bright teeth ready for the youthful look. The shade chosen by the dentist for teeth whitening & veneers is carefully evaluated with particular attention given to the tone and color of your face and hair. Cosmetic dentists have skilled at choosing the right balance between giving you with the brighter, whiter smile & supporting the natural tooth color.

Alignment and spacing:

Teeth that are twisted, overlapping or have spaces between them can be straightened and aligned as necessary by orthodontics or Invisalign and enhanced with veneers.

A smile can be the most catchy feature of a face. With the many advances in dentistry, you no longer have to settle for stained, chipped or poorly formed teeth. You now have choices that can help you smile confidently.

Even the most complex change in the smile can create the dramatic variation in the method you look & feel regarding yourself. Talk to our dentist regarding the most relevant choices for you, what your expectations are and the dental fees included. Some options are:

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening (whitening) brighten teeth that are discolored or stained. Bleaching can be done completely in the dental office or the dentist can dispense a system for you to use at home.

Enamel shaping

Enamel shaping involves modifying the teeth to improve their appearance by removing or circumventing the enamel. The process, which is often combined with collage, is usually quick and comfortable and the results can be seen immediately.


The veneers are custom-made thin shells designed to cover the front of the teeth. Made of tooth color materials, veneers are used to treat spaces between teeth and teeth that are flaking or worn, permanently stained, poorly formed or slightly twisted.


The braces are not just for kids. Orthodontics may be necessary if the teeth are twisted, crowded, or do not meet properly. If your dentist thinks you should consult a specialist for a treatment, he or she will refer you to an orthodontist.

Dental implant

Dental implant are the cylindrical and/or conical post, usually made of titanium, which serves as a substitute for the dental root


Crown are the replacement tooth, custom-made to match your natural teeth

Gums contouring

If your gums rest too low or too high on your teeth and you are unhappy with your smile, you may be a candidate for gum bypass surgery. Also called gum remodeling or sculpting fabrics, this cosmetic dental procedure can even pull out an uneven gum line and give you a smile you can be proud of.

We are dedicated to giving each of our patients the healthy smile they deserve!