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Gum Treatment

Laser treatment has several advantages. In most cases, it can be performed without anesthesia. There is also significantly less bleeding and swelling. The decrease in bleeding is due to the ability of the laser to help form a fibrin clot. This eliminates the need to place the stitches (sutures) and wounds heal more quickly. And there’s more. Lasers kill harmful bacteria and sterilize the work area, reducing the need for antibiotics

The laser energy of dental lasers is provided by an optical fiber. The fiber is moved continuously along the infected area to burn infected tissues

Two types of laser beams are used in the treatment. The Nd: YAG is used on soft tissues such as gums and ‘Erbium on hard tissues like bone and tooth. The number of sessions and schedules depend on the severity of the cases

How does Gum disease start?

When the food particles are not cleaned properly even after brushing they have stuck around and below the gums that lead to plague formation after 24 hours and this plague later becomes converted into tartar after 4-5 days. This tartar is deposited around and below the gums leading to the infection of the gum. This infection in later stages causes bone loss under the gums.

Why do more than 70{e69769ab45ba494088fdbeec3fc11d043e7fde5346ddece6e073e733a25036c0} of patients neglect the gum problem?

Because gum disease is not painful and so patients neglect until the damage has caused

How will I know myself that I have gum problem?

If there is bleeding from the gum, this is an acute phase and once it becomes chronic bleeding stops and the disease becomes severe

If there is bad breath from the mouth it is because of the infection of the gums

Swollen gums

Frequent food imputation under the gums and between the teeth after taking non-veg or horns or coconut. (Note: those who use TOOTHPICK after the meal should be careful they have a gum problem)

Even after the above symptoms all said if you do not recognize the problem, it leads to pain while chewing hard food and finally one by one the tooth becomes mobile.

How to get treatment for The gum problem

Deep Laser Cleaning

If patiently comes with less than 25{e69769ab45ba494088fdbeec3fc11d043e7fde5346ddece6e073e733a25036c0} of gum infection and bone loss we do deep laser cleaning

Laser Surgery for Gum 

If the gum infection and bone loss of 25-50{e69769ab45ba494088fdbeec3fc11d043e7fde5346ddece6e073e733a25036c0} or even up to 60{e69769ab45ba494088fdbeec3fc11d043e7fde5346ddece6e073e733a25036c0} we do the laser gum surgery to remove the total infection.

How does it work

How it works is that a laser with a fairly small amount of energy is directed with great precision to the disease portions of the gum. The laser then removes the diseased tissue, thereby eliminating an infection. All this process is done without any type of incision. This is because the laser cauterizes immediately (using heat to close an area to prevent or stop bleeding), which results in little or no bleeding. The use of laser is so effective that the patient only experiences minor discomfort making anesthesia useless


Since laser gum surgery is so effective recovery time is less than 24 hours when traditional gum surgery requires 2-4 weeks of recovery time. In fact, the lasers for this surgical use were created by dentists and received extensive clinical trials before receiving approval from the Federal Drug Administration

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