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On Call Doctors

Dr. Shiny

Qualification: BDS, MDS
Specialty: Conservative dentistry and Endodontics

Dr.Shiny completed her MDS in the field of Conservative dentistry and Endodontics in the year 2015 from Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences, India. She is committed to stay abreast of the latest dental procedures, techniques, materials and technology, to provide her patients with quality dental care, a practice she started from the day she graduated from college! Her expertise includes root canals, veneers and cosmetic crowns and bridges. Dr.Shiny holds Lifetime membership of INDIAN ASSOCIATION OF CONSERVATIVE DENTISTRY AND ENDODONTICS (IACDE).

Dr.Shridhar Reddy

Qualification: BDS, MDS
Speciality: Periodontics

Dr.Shridhar reddy is a successful periodontist with 10 years of experience and expertise under his belt. He uses latest technologies available in the dentistry to give the best treatment to his patients. Depigmentation of gums, flap surgeries, laser treatments, gingival surgeries are some of the treatments Dr.Shridhar provides to the patients assuring they are completely satisfied with the result.

Dr.Praveen Kumar.M

Qualification: BDS, MDS
Specialty: Prosthodontics and Orofacial prosthetics.

Dr.Praveen Kumar has an 10 years of experience and is an eminent dentist specializing in prosthodontics and oro facial prosthetics. He has done several full mouth implant cases, bridges and complete dentures in his career as a dentist along with smile designing and porcelain veneers.

Dr. Naidu

Qualificication: BDS, MDS
Speciality: Oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

He completed his masters from Drs Sudha And Nageswararao Siddhartha Institute Of Dental Sciences. He performs surgeries to remove impacted wisdom teeth and placing of implants apart from general extractions and surgical procedures, Apicoectomies, care for fractures and trauma including biopsies of cancer patients.


Qualification: BDS, MDS
Speciality:  Orthodontics

Dr.Baswalingam completed his MDS in orthodontics and specializes both in traditional braces and newer technologies like invisalign and clear path. He is in this field from more than 7 years and is been treating patients to his efficient best. He takes time to understand the patient’s needs before starting a procedure and decide on the due course. His patients find him down to earth and understanding, most of them transforming into long time contacts. His accomplishments in patients from crowding to teeth alignment can be seen in our gallery.

Dr.Srinivas G

Qualification: BDS, MDS
Speciality: Oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

Dr. Srinivas is a distinguished oral and maxillofacial surgeon with 12 years of experience in surgical arena before he joined the team of Quality dental care. He maintains a high standard in hygiene and makes sure the patient is well informed and is treated to his/her satisfaction.

Dr.Vijay Kumar

Qualification: BDS, MDS
Speciality: Conservative dentistry and endodontics.

Dr.Vijay Kumar has 12 years of experience and provides onlays, inlays, amalgam fillings, gold fillings, apiocectomies and root canal surgeries to the patients in our dental hospital. He has done many hands on courses on various specialties and is an asset to both the organization and to its patients as he is dedicated professional to his work and people.

Dr.Jaipal Reddy

Qualification: BDS, MDS
Speciality: Orthodontics

DR.Jaipal reddy has 15 years of experience in his field. He takes care of both outpatient treatments like Braces, invisalign etc. and in association with Oral maxillofacial surgeons carry out pre orthognathic surgeries giving patient attractive profiles and magnetic smiles.

Dr. Dheeraj B

Qualification: BDS, MDS
Speciality: Prosthodontics and Orofacial prosthesis

Dr. Dheeraj B is a member in Indian dental association and is prominent prosthodontist in the city. Many people have found their smile back under his care as he is a smile design expert and prosthetic rehabilitation is one of his expertises. Having the latest knowledge in the industry is his passion.

We are dedicated to giving each of our patients the healthy smile they deserve!